VIPRE 4.0.3904 antivirus premium

for this post I want a little talk and promotion.
yesterday I just hit barrage attack from rogue viruses, and eventually they managed to control my computer. after googling for hours [wow] I finally met a cobra snake that helped me fix the computer.

this cobra snake is known as VIPRE antivirus 4.0.3904 premium included in the anti virus which is pretty good. VIPRE is also a mild anti-virus to be used, why? previously I've tried several well-known anti-virus like AVG, AVIRA, McAfee, BitDefender, Avast, Ad Aware, and several local anti-virus like smadav, Ansav along PCMedia Ragnarok. but none of the anti virus is working normally. not because of anti-virus is not good because all the anti virus is the same performance if we are diligent to update to his. it's just that some are a bit heavy to work on a PC or laptop that has been contaminated with the virus.

as happened in AVG and BitDefenser, this software simply can not be installed on computers that have assaulted the virus in every corner [gosh]. to McAfee, Avast, Ad Aware and Avira software does not work optimally on a PC or laptop, and can not uninstall [so, yesterday I was forced to reinstall it again]. to its local antivirus it's ok, not anything he was already infected with the virus.

PC or laptop that supports anti-virus at least have:

* At least an IBM Compatible 400MHz computer.
* 150MB free space on my hard drive.
* 512MB RAM
* OS Windows XP, vista, seven [32 and 64 bit] and Windows 2000 SP4

for those who want to try this cobra snake please download sofwarenya on the link below, and do not forget to see updates [March 17, 2011] or for the newest update on his website directly. to how its activation please see here.

VIPRE 4.0.3904 Antivirus Premium and keygen

VIPRE Update [March 17, 2011]

VIPRE update website

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How activation 4.0.3904 VIPRE Antivirus Premium

How activation 4.0.3904 VIPRE Antivirus Premium:

* Open the VIPRE antivirus

* Click on Help, select the registration.

* Enter key "00000-00000-00000-00000-00000" Click Ok.

* Will display a pop-up window to enter the registration password.

* Run the keygen, enter the expiration year, and then click generate passwords.

* VIPRE keygen Copy n paste the generated password in the box pop-up registration passwords.

* Finish

to use this VIPRE we need to update its data base first, to update the manual:

* download the update file it here.

* open VIPRE 4.0.3904 premium.

* click update now [look at the pointer].

* look for update file storage.

* click open.

* wait a moment and complete.

the appearance of windows xp

Hello bloggers, had long since I did not fill this blog. for this time I wanted to share something about the appearance of windows xp. I actually had long wanted to write about this, but this time it seems new to chance. straight to the point.

I have an application that will help us change our view somewhat similar to Windows XP as Windows 7. let's see:

1. Transbar, with this application we will create the look of the taskbar we become transparent.

2. Visual Tasktips, with this one application we will display the thumbnail on the taskbar buttons. like in windows 7, when we point the pointer over the taskbar thumbnails will appear explore being minimized.

3. desktop Slides, this application helps us for setting up wallpaper to appear alternately. unfortunately the smallest only 1 minute duration, if the windows 7 it can display the wallpaper with a duration of 5 seconds each wallpaper. to install this application we need DOTNETFX 03.05 in advance, so your new computer klo installed a 3.0, please install DOTNETFX 3.5 first. for those who do not have a peek in here please.

4. RocketDock, surely already know dong. so already need to be given tau ga ya again.

5. cursor FX, available here a few pointers icon. let's try.

6. xp theme, here are some themes windows xp my collection. please try.

7. if that already use windows blinds, here I have a collection of its themes. there are about 100an theme here. please try.

link download : look atme

Mini software collections

because I'm really busy in college, I just want to post the download link for some software that I have. please try:

There smadav rev8.4 pro, no need to enter your serial number again and do not forget the admin password "just-only" without the quotes.

There also continues to disk defrag for the bored waiting for a long time to defrag the hard drive, let's try this one.

there is no such thing as Movie subtitle Searcher, want to know its usefulness? let's try.

last one for my friends majoring in electrical engineering, I have some special software engineer. please try, because we really need to help the manufacture of lab reports.

How to Make CD / DVD Bootable Windows Nero 8

Yesterday I just tried windows xp black se7en I downloaded the new edition. turns and poorer, the file was missing. which can not boot. for this time I am posting how to make cd / dvd it bootable. later preview windows and files that have added us continue tomorrow. let's get started:

First we download the file first Boot.ima, no? click here.

then create two new folders with the name BOOT and ROOT.

please extract the iso file to the folder ROOT our windows.

let's make coffee / tea while relaxing for a moment while waiting extracted was completed. ^ _ ^

you've installed nero 8 right? do not lie, if not so already, install it first. treus click start -> All Programs -> Nero -> Nero Burning ROM.

In the new column Compilation select the CD / DVD as you wish, since this 1.5 gb windows black so I use DVD-ROM (Boot) and then on the Boot menu select the image file and browse and locate the file downloaded boot.ima who've had [in the extract yes its old files] and then on the Advanced check the Enabled expert settings (for advanced users only)
a. Give the value of the Kind of emulation: No emulation with
b. To Boot message: do not be in change Biarin aja
c. In the Load segment of sectors (hex!): give value by 0000 (zero zero zero zero)

On the Number of loaders sectors: give the value 4 (four)
a. Choose the ISO menu on a file system should not be changed and Biarin aja bro, Ntar him cranky.
b. In the File name length (ISO) replace it with Max. of 31 chars (Level 2)
c. In the Character set (ISO) replace with ISO 9660
d. Write a checklist of all the Relax Restrictions

Select the menu select Automatic disk label name and please give the name of the disk as you wish

Select the Burn menu -> Action, check the write and write speeds to select a maximum and then press the New button

In the third box from the left select the folder you'd ROOT

Now we drag or copy files located on the far right box to box No. 2 of the left

continue to click the Burn

easy right? ? Let us try. just do not try to die alone. ^ _ ^

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